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Our firm is one of the few in the country with a practice devoted to pharmacy law, and we take pride in our attorneys’ regular commitment to keeping apprised of developments in that area.

Our pharmaceutical practice revolves around the representation of pharmacies and pharmacists in various forms of cases involving, among other things, allegations of pharmacy negligence and/or malpractice, as well as the side effects of prescription and over-the-counter medications. We have handled dozens of pharmacy-related cases around the country, including matters in California, Maryland, Montana, and Nevada, and have represented various pharmacy chains and independent pharmacies in litigation involving, among other things, Reglan, Quinine, Baycol, PPA, Rezulin, Ephedra and numerous other nutritional supplements.

We currently represent all pharmacy retailers in the on-going federal court Celebrex/Bextra matters. We have tried cases to juries involving allegations of wrongful death, pharmacy negligence, and wrongful disclosure of medical records, and have defended cases involving allegations of failure to properly warn patients of the dangerous side effects of a given prescription.

We are members of the American Society of Pharmacy Law (“ASPL”), have recently spoken at numerous pharmacy law seminars, including ASPL and National Association of Chain Drug Stores’ (“NACDS”) conferences, and offer seminars to our clients in developing pharmacy law areas.

We also specialize in representation of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians regarding proposed citations or disciplinary matters before various Boards of Pharmacy in the United States.  Whether a local or national concern and whether your specific issue is listed below, we are ready to assist:

  • allegations of pharmacy negligence and/or malpractice;
  • side effects of prescription and over-the-counter medications;
  • Board of Pharmacy investigations and citations;
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations; and,
  • allegations of failure to comply with duties to warn or consult.

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