Termination of 19-year employee upheld in binding arbitration matter

successfully defeated a challenge to Rite Aid’s termination of a pharmacy technician for her failure to follow pharmacy procedures in obtaining patient signatures for prescription purchased in a Temecula pharmacy.  Rite Aid presented evidence that the pharmacy technician, who had been with Rite Aid for 19 years, was aware of the applicable pharmacy guidelines and knowingly and repeatedly violated those policies.  The arbitrator, Walter F. Daugherty, confirmed that the evidence presented on the part of the employer was sufficient to manifest the pharmacy technician’s intent to falsify Company records and found that given the technician’s cavalier and wholesale disregard for the relevant Company policy, the Company was not required to provide her with written warnings or to wait until it had experienced harm before it could discipline the technician for her serious and repeated policy violations.  A copy of the Arbitration Award is attached.

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